About us

Rescue Code develops innovative solutions in interventional cardiology and emergency cardiac surgery.  Our technologies are designed to facilitate cardiac surgeons’ work, reduce complications for patients and increase overall success and survival rates.  

The Hybrid Scalpel: An Instrumental Evolution In Cardiac Surgery

Bleeding and damage to tissues remain critical challenges during laparoscopic cardiac surgery, often complicating the procedure itself, as well as leading to potentially serious post operative problems.


Rescue Code has developed the Hybrid Scalpel, a technology that simplifies and speeds the standard operating procedures of laparoscopic surgery, such as cutting, coagulation, and dissection.


The Hybrid Scalpel is the combination of a hydrodissector with a standard mono-polar electrical scalpel. The hydrodissector is driven by a fluid composed of a combination of sterile water and carbon dioxide, which separates delicate tissues and cools down the scalpel tip.


The Hybrid Scalpel’s design completely eliminates the carbonization of tissues that typically occur with this class of instruments, and substantially increases visibility during surgery.

Rescue Code’s Hybrid Scalpel promotes:

  • enhanced visibility of the operative field
  • better separation/spreading of tissue layers (blunt dissection) with aerosol
  • better exposition of the target tissue, rendering the procedure faster and easier